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I'm Jon Rittenberg, Founder of Reverb. I started my career working for National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, GoPro Media, Red Bull Media House, and TikTok where I learned how to produce and strategize award-winning content campaigns. I then gained experience in high-tech sales and how to communicate effectively with target audiences. The Reverb agency is born from these experiences – combining content and business development motions that drive business results.

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What is Reverb?

The Reverb agency is designed to do exactly what its name states: to amplify and reverberate an executive's presence. Many executives approach social media, content, and business development as an afterthought: something that's nice to have, or they would get to if there's enough time in the day, but the truth is that it never happens. If strategized properly, social media can be a business's most powerful tool. This is due to the ease with which we can connect to our target audiences and build relationships.


Get in touch to find out what a thought leadership strategy can do for you and your business.


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