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Finding a new job has never been more challenging. Rebrand also offers career positioning services to cut through the noise. Our ten-part career positioning system provides you with the tools and contacts needed to increase your interview cadence. If you don't see a significant change in scheduled interviews, we'll give you your money back.

Career Positioning

Understanding of your career goals and how to leverage your experience into your next opportunity.

03 LinkedIn Optimization

Rebrand of your LinkedIn profile including new photo, copy, and page optimization.

04 Job Search

Create lists of relevant companies, positions, and customize your CV for targeted roles.

06 Network Outreach

Conduct outreach in and outside of your network to build relationships and opportunities.

08 Assignment Assistance

Assistance on your required take-home assignments and presentations during the interview process.

CV Rebrand

Reformatting and writing of your CV based on recruiter-preferred structure and keywords.

Content Strategy

Create a content strategy to build your digital brand and attract attention from recruiters.

Recruiter Connect

Connect with Rebrand's roster of recruiters as well as hiring managers with open roles.

07 Interview Prep

Interview preparation and deep research on companies and key stakeholders.

09 Salary Negotiation

Guidance on salary negotiations based on current market trends and benchmarks.

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Customer Testimonial

Melissa Shapiro, Marketing Manager, LEIBISH

"Rebrand helped position my work history and experience in a way that made sense to recruiters. After the adjustments I received a job offer at the manager level."
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